Alternative Voices from Eastern Europe

Oktober 2017

Organized by MEP Monika Vana, the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, the Greens in the Austrian Parliament, the Greens of Vienna and Grüne Bildungswerkstatt Wien.​

Haus der Europäischen Union
Wipplingerstrasse 35
1010 Wien
18:00 Uhr

Wir sind Europa - der CERT 2017 ist da! 

Der jährliche Central European Round Table 2017 ist einer der wichtigsten Grünen Events zum Thema Europapolitik: Grüne AktivistInnen, Grüne Mandatare aus den Nachbarländern treffen hier mit Grünen aus Österreich zusammen.

Gemeinsam voneinander lernen, gemeinsam an der Zukunft unserer Grünen Europapolitik arbeiten, das ist spannend, interessant, macht Freude und verbindet uns.

Wir sind Europa und wir wollen Europa grün machen, jetzt erst recht, gemeinsam!

Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel

Evening gala

Discussions on the future of the European Union and the ongoing crises not only focus on Brexit, Greek debts or relations with USA and Russia, but also on a supposed "drifting apart" of political cultures in Western Europe and in new member states ("Visegrád Group") and some applicant countries. Authoritarian tendencies and dismantling of "rule of law" standards, increasing nationalism, rejection of refugee resettlement, etc. led to mistrust and re-fueled prejudices and stereotypes on both sides of the of the former "iron curtain" that were considered to be overcome 28 years after the fall of communism and 13 years after the EU enlargement to countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The intention of this gala event is to show that "black-white perceptions" don’t do justice to the complexity of the situation. We not only have to admit that there are also authoritarian and right-wing populist tendencies in some West European countries, but also that societies in CEE countries are much less monolithic than they seem when looking at newspaper headlines.

We have invited Green and progressive politicians from Central Europe, the Balkans and the Baltics who closely cooperate with civil society in their countries to express their commitment to European solidarity and to our common struggle for human rights and democracy. They will explain their personal motivation that led them to become Member of the European Parliament or to foster pro-European attitudes in their countries.

After their statements, there will be opportunity for personal exchange with them.


  • Welcome by Monika Vana (MEP, Austria, Die Grünen)
  • Evelyne Huytebroeck (European Green Party Committee Member, Brussels)
  • Ivana Cabrnochová (Ex-Senator, SZ-ČSSD, Czech Republic)
  • Tamás Meszerics (MEP, Hungary, LMP-Politics can be different)
  • Simona Petrík​ (MP, Slovakia, independent)​
  • Liljana Popovska (MP, Macedonia, DOM-Democratic Renewal of Macedonia) 
  • Bronis Ropė (MEP, Lithuania, LVŽS-Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union)
  •  Moderation: Ruth Chylik​